• Video II
    With: Elena Baka, Marília Carvalho Gomes, Madga Nowicka
    Camera: Canon 500D
    Software: Final Cut Pro X, Illustrator CS5
  • Living the Erasmus experience involves a series of reversals: from emotion to thought, from education to language. We were, in this project, a group of four people from four nations, two continents, four languages, three different linguistic roots, two alphabets and three different ages and previous experiences. We realized that we had to tell how we felt in that time to the world. We decided to make this video as part of Video II laboratory at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. The idea was that there were three moments in our histories we wanted to tell: past, present and future. We interviewed and filmed ourselves with two cameras (identical, thankfully). Then we mixed the results and built some kind of imaginary dialogue in which we talk about our lives, how they have changed from when we arrived in Porto, how they ware a year ago and how they will be in a year. Four times three or four people times three times, three different periods of our lives.
    At the technical level was the first documentary I realized what made me discover the beauty of building a story (as a sequence of actions, thoughts and emotions), and the beauty of accompany it with moving images and sound. It opened up a world that I intend to explore.