• To make a man is the final project of the Master of Animation program of AKV|StJoost.

    The short follow the path of a boy from a magical and serene world to a harsh reality.

    To make a man started with my personal need to express and represent what happened in my life as a process that eventually leads to the person that I am right now. At the beginning it was a far more fact-based narration, but the more I worked with it, the more I realized that I could tell a story in a less reality-related way. In the final result, I represented roughly twenty years of my life in a metaphorical way, trying to preserve at the same time the core of what really happened and its deep, deep layering.
    For a comprehensive explanation of the creative and technical process, please cast a look on the making of.

    Software: TvPaint Animation, Cinema 4D, After Effects